Updates since my last post

I haven’t posted for a long period of time — I’ve had varied jobs teaching in universities and language centers in foreign countries. There was a takedown I had to go through about 1.5 years ago as a targeted individual.  I was living in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and teaching full time at a university and working part time as an academic editor on the side, and one of my former coworkers from the US Secret Service came to Riyadh and followed me around to places like the grocery store.  Within a very short period of time, I was terminated from my job for no apparent reason; some of the most valuable cards from a baseball card collection I amassed as a child were stolen; my trophy rowing oar from when I was captain of my college’s rowing crew at Oxford University was smashed and destroyed; my 1964 Ford Thunderbird was stolen, stripped, and I later found it myself by the side of the road in Qurrayaf next to the Saudi border with Jordan; and a picture of me in my underwear that I didn’t take or pose for showed up on the Internet associated with a movie about a gay prostitution ring that I definitely wasn’t in (I’ve never been an actor or model, and I’ve never even done an audition — the picture could have been something someone photoshopped, but it was associated with my name when I googled myself).

My first action was to sue my former university for the termination without a proper severance package under Saudi labor law, so a Riyadh employment attorney was able to get me 102,000 from them.  I ordered a new trophy rowing oar from Oxford, I got my car to the dealership to be refurbished, I got that picture of me in my underwear off of ranker.com and later off of Google Images, and I filed claims/lawsuits against three parties involved with my car being stolen. I just found out that one of those parties is going to give me $18,000; lawsuits against the other two parties are going to take anywhere from 1-3 years.

I spent the last several months in a different teaching job in Riyadh, and I’m currently in Turkey teaching.  In May of 2019, I’m going to move to Baghdad to teach classes and write grants at a new university that is situated in a palace that was built by Sadam Hussein, and they are going to let me live in a suite in the palace and they are going to pay me what I think is a decent salary.  So, these aren’t extremely major lawsuits I’m winning and my life isn’t amazing, but as a heavily targeted individual I feel lucky to be able to find any job (I know that many TIs end up long term unemployed and homeless), be able to win cases and lawsuits even if they are all with foreign courts, be able to find safe places to live, and be able to pursue my hobbies and live some kind of decent life.

I still have the same problems with the American government.  I’m unable to find any job in any industry anywhere in America (not even a minimum wage job as an EMT for companies in Los Angeles that need people so badly that they are paying out signing bonuses), I still have problems with the American police (but I’ve never had any issues with the Turkish police, Iraqi police, Jordanian police, and the Saudi police even gave me a police escort to visit the archaeology sites at Madain Saleh).  I still can’t win lawsuits in America, I still can’t get complaints with US agencies to go anywhere, I still can’t get torture claims investigated by any US agencies, and I still have problems accomplishing things that should be simple in the US (for example, I went to the Federal Building in Los Angeles to get a new passport, and I was told that I couldn’t have one because I don’t pay child support — I told them that I don’t pay child support because I’ve never had any children, so they made me wait a long time while a federal agent did an “investigation” that found that I don’t have children, then they finally gave me a passport.  I also have packages shipped with the USPS that don’t make it to their prospective destinations, so it’s possible that the postal inspectors are trying to do their part to make my life more difficult, and every time I travel through any American airport, the TSA looks through my bags and destroys things — I had a brand new piece of luggage that they literally ripped apart and completely destroyed, and they took my bottle of shampoo that I had inside of two plastic bags in my suitcase that they opened and sprayed all over my clothes and some papers… sigh).

Anyway, that’s a summary of my targeting and my responses over the last year of my life.  I’m always looking for advice and assistance from people on how to deal with being a TI, so if anyone has any information or opinions for me, then please let me know.

An update since my last post

It’s been a good amount of time since my last post, so here’s a summary for any targeted individuals or others who may be interested in my personal story.

– I still teach full time in the system of higher education in a foreign country and I have my own successful small business in academic editing; I have had several offers to teach at varied universities overseas, but in the United States, I have been unable to find any full time, regular job in any industry in any part of the country whatsoever.
– Another academic at my school overseas who is a US citizen accused me of wrongdoing, and he was fired from his job and the police escorted him to the airport on the same day that he made the accusations—an American attorney is assisting me with a cease and desist order against him.
– I made a whistleblower complaint against a business in a different foreign country, and the police in that foreign country contacted me and are engaging in a full investigation that includes surveillance, whereas I still cannot get an investigation into any wrongdoing in the USA regardless of the documentation that I provide.
– I spent a short period of time in Los Angeles this past summer and I had to deal with varied street theater and gang stalking activities—I don’t have those problems in my current country of residence or in any of the other countries that I visited over the summer.
– I completed psychological evaluations at two of the top-ranked hospitals in Los Angeles, and while I was diagnosed with difficulty concentrating, they did not diagnose me as delusional, paranoid, etc.
– I still get strange communications from the people in my family’s home at 9515 Beckford Ave., Northridge CA 91324.
– I received emails stating that a little law firm in Los Angeles called Savin & Bursk is advising people on legal measures to my detriment even though I live in a foreign country.
– I still have no criminal record in any country, but it’s strange how different things are for me in the USA, and especially in Los Angeles, than they are anywhere else in the world.

I hope that the other targeted individuals in the USA and overseas have fewer problems than me–feel free to email me if any of you would like additional information on my personal story, or if I can be of assistance.

It is also my constitutional right to free speech to name names so long as I am being completely honest about my personal experiences (there is no libel or slander anywhere on my website and none of this is classified information), and I should.  The federal agent who is reportedly involved is Jeremy Sheridan, who works for the US Secret Service.  I emailed him several times to confirm whether he advised others to engage in illegal activity, and he never replied back.  An Officer Lopez at the LAPD Devonshire station also reportedly told others to engage in illegal activity, and I contacted that station and was only told there are is an Officer Lopez who works there, however the LAPD does not advise people to confiscate, steal, or sell other people’s personal property.  That being said, a Detective Richard Tompkins with the LAPD wrote to me that he went to my home and confiscated more than $1,000 worth of my personal property, and he was among those who detained me the next day when I asked that my property be returned–I have contacted him several times and even sent him two California Public Records Act requests to which he has not replied (and as a bureaucrat, he is supposed to be legally bound to answer CPRA requests). 

I have still never been found guilty of any criminal violations in any court of law in any country in my life, and I have never even been tried for any crimes (other than minor traffic violations).  However, I have made several whistleblower complaints, and I have published several articles, op-eds, and a short book on government corruption in the United States (and many of my publications involve

police corruption in the United States). 

a quick note

I have received a few strange emails, so I wanted to clarify that I am a genuine targeted individual and torture victim who has this site in hopes of helping other genuine TIs who can benefit from this (100% true) information, and in hopes of obtaining assistance with my situation. I am not trying to get a deal to sell my memoirs, or get a screenplay writing or acting deal–I have never done an audition in my life and I have no interest in being any kind of entertainment industry person. I am happy to share my personal story, but I will not nor have I ever given anyone legal permission to sell any of this information under the guise of any kind of entertainment industry project.

Location for website content

Please note that I originally had this content on the site, http://americantargetedindividual.com, however web.com wrote me that the content does not coincide with their policies–I have appealed that decision because my posts mainly pertain to my own personal experiences with government corruption and other illegal activity with references to credible mainstream news sources, legal cases, and FOIAs that I sent to varied government agencies.  None of the information in my posts is classified, I am doing nothing illegal, and I am exercising my right to free speech.  

Abridged Diary of a Targeted Individual–Reward for Tangible Assistance

Targeted Individual: up to a $100,000 Reward for Assistance

I have been a targeted individual (TI) for close to a decade, and I am making this abridged version of my experiences available (1) to share information with others in hopes that some will find it helpful, (2) to raise awareness of the plight of TIs in general, (3) to improve the situations faced by all TIs, and (4) to hopefully find the assistance necessary to improve this situation. Some of the information that follows may seem unbelievable, however I have varied documentation to prove most of it that I will post in the near future. So long as this website still exists, I am still seeking assistance.

I began as a stalking victim years ago when I was a PhD student; I heard knocking sounds in my home at all hours (I lived at 4402 Reservoir Road in Washington DC, 20007). The people who lived next door at 1636 44th St. NW, Washington DC 20007 were generally obnoxious, so I originally thought it was the neighbors trying to annoy me or maybe the pipes, but after awhile it became evident that the knocking noises were in the same pattern, pitch, and duration over and over and thus it was a recording that was repeatedly played. The recorded knocking noises progressed to noises that included people screaming in the early hours of the morning when I was trying to sleep.

These disturbances ceased through the summer months of 2006 when I was in different cities to work and teach, but similar sound effects and other disturbances resumed when I returned for the fall semester.  During the spring semester, I dated a woman who said her name was Elizabeth Baynard for about two months.  After we separated, I believe that I saw her (or a likeness) on several occasions, including at my workplace, thus either she must have traveled long distances to stalk me, or someone must have gone through the trouble to produce a similar likeness of her in multiple cities; my co-workers saw this, so it is not my imagination.  In addition, I began getting calls over and over during the day and night from the Northern Virginia area code where she lived; sometimes the person would call and hang up, and other times the person would call and make a strange sound or laugh and then hang up.

At about this time, I began seeing an older, overweight bald man in varied locations as well; he was at my workplace in the spring of 2007, and he may have also been at a place where I went with Elizabeth Baynard; I was later recruited by the US Secret Service, and someone who looked very similar to that man was my background investigator.  

In fall 2007, I was sent an email asking me whether I wanted to interview for a job with the state government in California; I had not applied for that job, I was just offered an interview and was then offered the job.  I traveled to Sacramento to start work there, and an ID card that I had left in San Francisco was found in front of the home where I was later staying in Sacramento, so people wanted to make it clear that I was being followed.  I consistently asked for projects at that new job and none were given to me, so I started suggesting projects and my supervisors rejected all of my suggestions, but would not give me any reason why.  I was terminated less than two months later and I had never been given one project the entire time that I was there; I asked why and was told that there is no reason. 

In early 2008, I was offered a job in Nevada; again, I had not applied for the job, but they called me and asked me to interview for it and then offered it to me; the job involved research and writing, and I was able to publish several articles and a short book on government waste, fraud, and abuse that received positive media attention; I also started a website making data available to taxpayers on how the government spends taxpayer money. The environmental manipulation increased substantially in Nevada–I received strange phone calls, for example I used a Freedom of Information Act request to obtain data and I was working on an article that included police officers in the state being paid for overtime shifts that they had not worked, someone called me, sighed, and then hung up; there was overt surveillance everywhere that I went, for example I went to the park to read a book and a man sat in his van and stared at me whole time, and when I walked to my car he started his van and drove away; on one evening when I was in the office late by myself with the doors locked, at least four people were outside the locked doors trying to get in but they ran away when I approached the doors; cars drove side by side in front of my car on the highway and drove well below the speed limit to box me in; the street theater occurred almost daily, including in my workplace.

I received a phone call in maybe the spring or early summer for a telephone interview for another government job, but I thought the call was a prank because the interviewer asked me not to tell anyone about the call. I looked up the interviewer’s number on my phone’s caller ID, then I called it on a pay phone that night to see what would happen; a woman picked up the phone and said “hello”, then hung up a second or two later; the voice was similar to the voice of the woman I dated while I was in that PhD program, and the area code was from a nearby area.

In 2008, I was offered a job in Los Angeles at a little payroll company called Entertainment Partners (EP); Nevada was not for me, but I did not want to quit my job there without having some other job to go to so I accepted the job at EP; my supervisor at my Nevada job asked me to keep working for them until they found a replacement, so I ended up working full time at the Los Angeles job and telecommuting at the Nevada job for about 3 months; I checked on the job at EP and on the person who would be my supervisor, Ron Cogan, by asking people I knew who worked in Hollywood and by doing some online research, and I couldn’t find much information. I was told that the business side of Hollywood is not as seedy as the casting side, however when I was at Entertainment Partners, I was subject to workplace harassment, environmental manipulation, and my car’s windshield was broken twice. 

My supervisor asked me to sign a document giving permission to be filmed, and it was my understanding that it regarded security cameras on the company’s premises; I followed up with the Human Resources Director, who said that no such document exists. I shared an office at the company with an overweight, middle-aged Thai woman who said that her name was Kristine Surla; she would do inappropriate things such as wear a short skirt and sit at her desk Indian style and ask me if I could see her panties, she ate hot dogs in front of me, etc. I have conservative social values, so I did not find any of this amusing and I told her that her husband would not like it. Outside of the company, other gang stalking activities included people following me on foot and in cars, shouting curses at me, filling my mailbox with dozens of crickets, leaving evidence that my home had been broken into when I was not there, sending me emails using language to the effect of, “This is my first game, I hope you enjoy it”, and receiving calls on my cell phone in the middle of the night. My supervisor would consistently look at my groin when speaking with me (he was a homosexual and I am a heterosexual), and would often make sexual comments at work; there were other inappropriate activities that involved the executives, so I reported it to human resources to no avail. One day, the first woman who called herself “Kristine Surla” was replaced with another woman of a different height and a darker skin tone who wasn’t as overweight; the new woman sat at the same desk and acted kind of the same way, wore the same kind of clothes and at least pretended to do the same work; she was still called “Kristine Surla” by others at the company, but definitely was not the same woman. I went to human resources and said that this is ridiculous and that I want to work in a professional environment; I asked for different work conditions or a different manager or the ability to work from home, but all requests were rejected, so I filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

I was asked by the HR Director, an EEOC mediator, and later an EEOC investigator named Laura Ishida how much money I want to drop my complaint, but I replied that I filed my complaint because illegal activities are occurring, and as a government investigator it is her job to enforce the law; I never requested or accepted money, as I only wanted law enforcement.  A few days after I said I would make my EEOC complaint, the company invented a new kind of unpaid leave that was not in the Employee Handbook and put me on it, and they later terminated my employment, both of which are illegal. Almost immediately after filing my initial EEOC complaint, I woke up to find Alan Seeger’s poem, “I Have a Rendezvous with Death” on my kitchen table; it was the first physical death threat that I received; it looked like someone broke in through the side door of my home. I started sleeping with my bedroom door locked and barricaded, I put more locks on the outer doors to my home, I got a house alarm for awhile, I alerted others, and I talked to a friend from high school who was a local police officer. Soon after, I received the following messages electronically–they are poorly written and some allude to threats, while others do not make sense:

yes, llife is good and we have to do things randomly, if we assume we will be in danger or not, well, personal

ok, i would not think that, that will get Best Oscars Best Actress, I would rather vote for the one in

Powder is not a difficult word especially when you dress up yourself and come to tai wai, this is very horrifying no matter if it is true or not, imgaine if someone who slays someone and put on a wig, hold up a beef-knife then cut women into pieces. This is terrible, if this is true or not, ok, it’s a rumours then this is even more horrible. Talking about the girl, there r so many girls in the world and if I have one I would keep her very safe coz this is the naked truth. We have to feed Lxu with more photos no matter who else will be seeing. We enjoy that but it’s a different thing. 
Transgender Worm is a very good book which marks his end of his career.

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As you said, Oh you remind me of that, that;s a killing curse, i guess this is very true. but what exactly is a killing curse, doesn’t matter, i guess it’s about you blow a curse on someone to definitely to make him/her die, even if that person have nothing to do with the one who blows that curse, not know him. this is horrible, this is just like having a ****. and i guess this is time to clear all the way to let that person, lxu to go. with the timing that more and more of lxu se**! x photos will be out. we all want and expect to see him go forever

I think it’s really unfair for India to get involved in Terrorist attack, it’s not a usual practice and I think it’s ridiculous that the two sides have territorial disputes.
L xu su*/____ks — pe*__n*s can be seen on internet each night

I went to Church this morning, as I did almost quite often on Sun. But today, when I attended the Mass as usual, a woman sitting behind me suddenly touched my shoulder and said some words to me, I don’t know her, then I just paused there….
After the Mass, she said “sorry” to me. I just don’t have any idea what’s all about!

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The US gov should S T A R T checking the se*x, money, beds, murder records of the Re Pubbliccan.
Se*xx, Tapes, 6ps, Divorce law suit
Dis-Honest Money — bribery
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i just know a famous political figure, name ma oak, who died of this. he died just after he was chosen as the head of DAB, democratic alliance for the betterment of HK. it’s a pro-china political group in HK. the reason he’s famous coz he’s the third or fourth persons to become the chief of this group. and makes it different is because HK is have one-country two systems political system, essentially, never any place in the world, meaning, a communism country have one part ot its territory practices capitalism

Law, meaning Judiciary. it is very important to a country or even an island, a island, a colonial place, a specially-parted zone etc. of course, mostly and logically, most set the law regulations according to the Common Law. 
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first, i think is republic, because when u see the history, there were JFK, vietnam war, gulf war and iraq war, economic downturn…..etc
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third, i think the republic in the current congress should all go to d*e
fourth, i think never should the republic come back again in any way
fifth, Re is actually communism, its name tells it already

do u mean that the spot which could clearly see JFK been shot , only had a few persons?
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You can check with your local gov

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US abstains as UN calls for Gaza cease-fire (AP) ??I also agree with the UN that it called on an immediate cease fire on the Gaza?

Death of Travolta’s son raises medical questions (AP) ??No related to the previous article, his son\s death clearly has a problem…. Sh!!!!!!! Silence !!?

Again, I did not write any of the aforementioned messages and I understand that many of them are very strange. I started looking for a job after EP put me on unpaid leave, and was invited to a high end security firm’s location for a job interview; the requirements included completing 50 push ups in two minutes, 50 sit ups in two minutes, four pull ups, bench pressing my own weight at least twice, and then a timed 1.5 mile run.  They asked me to fill out paperwork similar to the federal government background check forms, then they did a general interview with structured questioning via video. The interview had several other tests: they had me open a box with a lot of random things in it and look for about three seconds, then close the box and describe everything that I saw; they had me read a paragraph where the first and last letter of each word was correct and the number of letters in each word was correct, but the letters in between the first and last were scrambled and I had to make sense of it; they projected images on a screen where two opposing words are hidden inside patterns and I would say the first one that I saw; I remember seeing words such as “LIGHT” and “DARK” on another screen; they showed me screens that had pictures of people on them and told me that there was a gun in each picture; a computer mouse controlled an arrow on the screen and I was supposed to click on the gun as soon as I saw it, etc. 

I spent 2009-2010 working in local government and writing grants for some local nonprofits on the side; I also was in the application process with the US Secret Service and had interviews, polygraphs, tests, etc. through 2009. People who resembled some USSS employees were at my local government job watching me work one afternoon. Shortly after that, the woman who conducted my USSS polygraph asked detailed questions about how I work at my current job.  Some of the things in their office were strange, for example the restroom had a big picture of Mr. Hanky from South Park, which is obviously unprofessional. 

Through 2009, more stalking activities occurred: there would be urine on the carpet when I would get home; a car stopped suddenly in front of me on the freeway; a woman drove into my family’s car on the freeway shortly after, it looked like she intentionally made a drastic turn and sideswiped it twice in a row–the next day two other people showed up at our home and offered to give us cash to not file an insurance claim; the others from the accident later tried to overbill the insurance company. I googled their names and found an article in a mainstream, local newspaper stating that the father had shot his wife in the neck and his son in the stomach (these are the kinds of people who do organized stalking). 

Someone I knew from school named Genevieve Pearl Graves was in town and wanted me to visit her and her family.  Her mother made several strange comments: she said that “The Company” follows and protects that family, she said someone is watching me and that I am different, and she said they were living in that house to be away from everything because they had received varied threats.

I received an email asking me to withdraw my USSS application in October 2009 because of my EEOC complaint against EP; this is illegal, so after contacting the USSS several times with regard to my equal right to compete for employment and not receiving an answer, I requested assistance from my congressional representative but he never sent me any written correspondence; staffers just said they are working on it when I would call.

After several calls, emails, and other contacts, I was admitted to the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) in 2010. There was environmental manipulation in my workplace from my first week there that began with ridicule. I saw a few people at the FLETC who looked like those who stalked me previously, thus either the federal government brought those people onto the premises, or the federal government knew who is stalking me and chose to make likenesses and simultaneously to not enforce the law (stalking alone carries a one year jail sentence, not to mention the other felonious activities).

I began to have issues maintaining my level of consciousness in the fourth week at the FLETC; it was possibly the use of nonlethal weapons, as I never had such problems previously. I later had a CAT scan and EEG completed and the doctor said that everything looked normal. My sleeping patterns changed, there were sound effects, there were psychological operations with regard to time and place, and I woke up in the morning with my shorts undone and the blankets off of me, and I had diarrhea that day. I heard instructors make comments such as “I can’t believe he made it past the fourth week” Soon thereafter, other trainees would stare at me and make comments such as, “They said we aren’t supposed to laugh at him.”

I contacted a USSS HR Director in Los Angeles to request assistance and I made a formal, written complaint to the USSS Ombudsman to no avail; the ombudsman told me, “Someone has a boner for you”, so I should do whatever the administrators and instructors say, which is a ridiculously unprofessional comment for an ombudsman. Some people who resembled stalkers I had seen in the past were near my dorm room, and that next morning I had another occurrence of waking up with my shorts undone, the blankets off of me, and diarrhea. Another trainee the next day said, “He had to know that would happen to him” twice in a row, and I was followed around the center and I would hear others periodically yell in a mocking way, “Rape! rape!”

I kept working hard and I was the first USSS trainee to make the fitness wall that year, I qualified as an expert shooter, and I averaged about 90% on the academic exams, but the harassment became even more extreme, so I reported workplace harassment and other issues to instructors and administrators, who said they would recycle me into the next class a few weeks later, but the next day they terminated me illegally instead.  I met with a woman who said she was a psychologist and another who said she was a victim advocate on my last day at the FLETC, and neither said I am insane or referred me for mental health care.

On my flight home I saw a few people wearing masks, a man walked by and I heard “$39,000 each” to insinuate bribery, and another USSS agent at my destination city said “That’s against the law” in a mocking manner to me.  The next day I was told that I was terminated, which is illegal under the Whistleblower Protection Act, EEO laws, and the Federal Employee Compensation Act.  I appealed to higher level USSS officials, the Office of Special Counsel (OSC), and MSPB to no avail. 

The first woman at the OSC said that the occurrences at the FLETC are illegal, but she referred the case to another investigator named Lonnie Davis, who did not even interview me, then sent me his report saying that I resigned from my job even though my complaint included an official termination letter; I appealed and asked for a more senior level investigator, but he sent me a final email closing the case anyway. I wrote my congressman and senators, who sent me letters saying that they like civil rights and worker’s rights, but they did not help.

At my home at 9515 Beckford Ave. Northridge CA 91324, I woke up with the light-headed feeling I remembered from the FLETC, there would be a brown substance that resembled mud or feces on the floor of my room, and I would have diarrhea; there were more stalking activities as well. I left America to hike through the Nepalese Himalayas to get away from everything; I spent awhile in a lodge that was housing several Buddhist monks–the owner told me he would be sure that I would stay safe in his lodge.

I returned to the US from Nepal and was tortured. Some of my neighbors who had lived around the corner for decades moved away and some younger people moved into that house (19210 Ballinger St, Northridge, CA); they would do strange things such as wear masks and stand in front of the house in a place where I would see them when I would leave my house. The family that lived around the block at 9510 Sylvia Ave, Northridge, CA also moved away, and younger people moved in. My neighbors across the street at 9516 Beckford Ave, Northridge, CA who also had lived there for decades moved away to a similar house just a few miles away, and the elderly couple who lived next door at 19200 Ballinger St, Northridge, CA 91324 started having a guy in his thirties hang around their house all day. 

One morning there was a pair of scissors in front of my house and two people entered the house who said that they were my parents, but they did not look or act the same; the next morning, I regained consciousness with my asshole cut open, a hole cut in my lower back that had a gummy yellow substance in it, pain in my testicles that lasted about a week, and the most severe diarrhea I’ve ever had; the woman who said she is my mother told me that I must have inadvertently cut myself while I was exercising and not remembered it, which is ridiculous.

The police did not intervene, so I left the country again; illegal activities in other countries include but are not limited to the following, with different kinds of activities occurring from one country to another:

Multiple verbal death threats and/or threats of violence

  • People threatened to attack me or members of my family
  • People repeatedly threatened to cut off parts of my body, namely my arms and my sexual organs
  • People followed me around, sometimes cursing at me, and sometimes carrying crude weapons such as cricket bats (no one hit me with a cricket bat, but they would follow me around with one and threaten me)

Nonverbal physical threats

  • People would either show me guns or point guns at me (but no one actually shot a gun at me)
  • Cars and motorcycles would swerve as though they are trying to hit me when I walked across the street, however the car would never actually hit me
  • A car would quickly stop close to where I was on the street and the person in the front seat would gesture as though he was pulling a gun out, then he would smile at me
  • I would walk down the street and someone would quickly turn around and reach into his jacket as though he was about to pull out a weapon, then smile at me

Overt surveillance and other psychological tactics:

  • People would randomly take my photograph as I walked down the street and then say something like, “Got him!”, sometimes several times in one day
  • People would be extremely polite to me one day and then extremely rude the next day for no apparent reason
  • People would make comments about homosexuality one day (I am definitely straight) and then a female prostitute would follow me around the next day (I have conservative social values and have never paid for sex)
  • Mimicking: for example I would go to a fitness center to exercise, and someone would do the same exercises and mimic my body movements in a visible area to make the surveillance obvious
  • People in varied places played the song from the movie The Godfather right when I would walk by
  • Crowding: for example I would be in an area where few people are around and those following me would stand extremely close to me for no apparent reason, I would sit down at a restaurant and others would sit at the same table and look at me, I would be out in public and a group of people would crowd around me for no reason, I would check into a hotel and someone would bang loudly on the door to my room
  • Masks: people would wear realistic looking masks to annoy me and follow me around

Street theater including the following (some of these might sound fun, but when these things are going on over and over in coordination with the other things mentioned in this list, it gets annoying):

  • People wearing extremely silly costumes would be in conspicuous areas to get my attention–I have seen people dressed as overly obvious transvestites, people dressed as biblical characters, large groups organized to stare at me as I walk by, people doing hand signals to each other as I walked by, etc. 
  • Directed conversations: people would talk about things within earshot that are personalized to me as I would walk by, for example I would have a conversation about someone passing away, and later others who do not know me would mention that person’s name and what happened
  • Midgets or people in wheelchairs would follow me around
  • A woman wearing pajamas was walking down the street in the afternoon and flashed me and others over and over again
  • A woman handed someone an envelope that was supposed to have a video in it to a man who handed her an envelope that was supposed to have cash in it in front of me at an airport, but obviously criminals would not do a criminal transaction at an airport where there are surveillance cameras and police everywhere
  • A woman would get my attention who looked normal, then the same woman would get my attention later and she would have her bra stuffed to make her breasts look enormous, then the same woman would get my attention later and she would look normal again

The threat of theft (actual theft usually does not occur)

  • Someone stole my luggage, then returned it two days later and did not have a logical excuse for his actions
  • Someone ripped open my luggage but did not steal anything
  • I rented a motorcycle to get from one city to another and people said they would drive away on it

Minor acts of violence

  • Someone slashed my arm with an exacto knife and yelled, “Money!”, but I didn’t give him my wallet
  • Someone pulled my hair
  • I often regained consciousness with small incisions cut on my body, usually on my back, hip, or the inside of my lips (and they were not gashes as though I had bit my lip, they were incisions; it could be that a nonlethal weapon was used to alter my level of consciousness, then the incisions were made)
  • I woke up in the morning with severe redness on my legs that may have been radiation burns

People would do strange things at the place where I was staying

  • The furniture would be rearranged when I would be out for the day
  • Someone put a giant spider in my hotel room
  • There would be a brown substance that looked like feces smeared on the walls when I would return
  • There would be a single, huge footprint in my hotel room
  • My clothing would be damaged, for example pairs of pants, shorts, and underwear would be cut up the middle
  • The food that I had bought for myself for the day would smell like urine or have some other, obvious issue so I would have to throw it away

Use of technology

  • Important emails were deleted, important mail would disappear, and documents on my computer would be deleted 
  • Call redirecting: I would try to call someone I knew and the person on the other phone line would have the right voice (voice morphing is not sophisticated technology), but that person’s speech patterns, knowledge, etc. would be different
  • Varied nonlethal weapons were periodically used, rendering the following:
  • Temporary paralysis
  • Feeling a strange sensation on my skin
  • My testicles were shocked
  • Sound effects

In August of 2011, I went back to the United States for about a week and a half to attend to a few matters to which I had to attend in person; several torture activities occurred. Nonlethal weapons were likely used on me to cause temporary paralysis, dizziness, and sudden loss of consciousness; overt surveillance on foot and in cars occurred, and several gang stalking activities including cutting me off on the freeway, flashing lights at me, driving or parking cars extremely close to mine without actually hitting my car, shouting curses at me, following me around wearing masks that looked like (in)famous people such as Jared Loughner, etc.  I went to the home where I grew up, 9515 Beckford Ave., Northridge CA 91324, and two people were there who said that they are my mother and father, but they looked and acted much differently–my real mother would be 64 years old, but the woman who said she is my mother looked about 15 years younger. In addition to looking different, those two people did several things that are very uncharacteristic of my real parents:

  • My deceased grandfather was in manufacturing making parachutes for the military and later lampshades for much of his life, and after retiring he became more active in geology and gemstones–he was able to publish some articles and was put on a related State Board in South Carolina; he traveled all over the United States going to mines to find and/or buy raw samples of gemstones and built up a large collection, but the person in my house who said he is my father sold most of that collection for a fraction of its value; 
  • The person who said he is my father paid about $62,000 to have just a few solar panels put on the roof, when such should cost a fraction of that (my real father was frugal and researched everything he bought);
  • The person who said he is my father paid about double what it should cost for car parts to repair one of the cars;
  • The person who said he is my father paid thousands of dollars to get his teeth capped (my real father is over 70 years old and he never cared much about how he looked; he would not wait until his seventies to get his teeth capped for no reason);
  • My real father loved our family dog, but when the dog had a seizure the person who said he is my father put him in a plastic bag and suffocated him, then buried him in the backyard;
  • The person who said she is my mother had been going to varied casinos and gambling all day long, consistently losing money (my real mother was a frugal person) and not even keeping track of how much she lost, which is a standard embezzlement tactic;
  • I asked the person who said she is my mother varied questions that any mother would know about her child such as where I went to kindergarten, and she did not know;
  • My real parents had two couples who had been their good friends for decades–those two couples no longer spend time with the two people who live at 9515 Beckford Ave., Northridge CA 91324;
  • I regained consciousness in that home with a cut on my lower lip, a needle stick in a major vein on my left arm, identical slits in each of my ears, a major wound on the side of my head that remained swollen for weeks, a strange feeling with swelling in my testicles, and a strange tightness in my left cheek; the next time that I visited a doctor, I was told that I had contracted an ailment that is mainly sexually transmitted, however I had not had sex in years.  I had a yellow gummy substance in the cuts in my ears and in the wound in my head, and for about two weeks I had the symptoms of a major head injury including lower reading comprehension, hampered thought processes, and I sometimes drooled and/or wet my pants, thus there is no argument as to whether torture activities occurred;
  • The person who said she is my mother told me that I must have tripped and bumped my head without remembering it, but that obviously would not explain identical slits in my ears, the needle stick in my arm, the ailment, etc.
  • I had positive relationships with my real parents, but I asked those people at 9515 Beckford Ave., Northridge CA 91324 several times for assistance, and they only told me that I should try to hire a lawyer to sue them;

I visited the LAPD Devonshire Station for help; the officer at the front desk smiled at me and an older officer wagged his index finger at me and said, “I can tell you are lying; that’s not the way to start a relationship!” and they smiled and would not write me a police report; I asked if there is a safe place where I can stay for awhile and for advice on ensuring my safety, and I was told that if I do not feel safe in my home, I should sleep at a local park.

For safety, I flew out of the country that had a layover in Dallas. The immigration official there looked at my passport, then gave it back to me along with varied papers; I looked through those papers and in them was another passport with a picture that looked like me but different identifying information–I gave it back to the officials at the airport as soon as possible and they said they had made a mistake.

Organized stalking activities continued, so I started researching the assistance available: I contacted nonprofits such as International Justice Mission, and they did not return my messages; I contacted organizations for private investigatory and/or personal protection, but some wanted upwards of $20,000 per month for the rest of my life, which is impossible for almost anyone to afford, so I petitioned the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) in another country to grant me asylum as a torture victim, and my request was granted. Notably, before I was planning on going to UNHCR to request assistance, I saw two people who strongly resembled USSS employees, and I had severe pain in both ears (a doctor diagnosed me with ear infections and gave me antibiotics) that began immediately for no apparent reason, I again had some issues with reading comprehension and diminished thought processes (I have done some research, and there are nonlethal weapons that produce these symptoms).

I later went to the US Consulate to give them a copy of the report that attained asylum for me from UNHCR, and I was told that while I have a right to the services available to American citizens regardless of whether I have asylum in another country, I cannot enter the wing of the Consulate to give a copy of my torture claim to the FBI officials there (note that the FBI is the main agency that investigates torture claims, and the USSS has no internal affairs department).

While I was granted asylum, as an international protectee in that country, it is illegal for asylum-seekers to have any job, start a business, or even do volunteer work; I was also told that I may be in the system of international protection for years before a decision is made as to whether I can be given refugee status, which is extremely unlikely. Being unable to do anything productive for possibly several years and then possibly not being able to be recognized as a refugee was not an option, so I spent several months in the system of international protection there to do more research and write a report for the United Nations Committee Against Torture (CAT).  UNHCR and the asylum-seeker process did improve my situation to some degree, but it did not solve all of my problems.  

I withdrew from the system of international protection in that country to pursue asylum in Switzerland, which I selected because according to varied research, it (1) has a history of being strong on human rights, (2) has signed Article 22 of the UN Convention Against Torture and thus would allow me to bring my complaint to the CAT, (3) has several torture victim treatment centers, and (4) allows those with asylum to do either regular or volunteer work. I flew to Switzerland and asked for asylum at the airport; they detained me and told me that if I want asylum, they would hold me in the airport for the maximum 60 days, they would guarantee that I would not get asylum at the end of those 60 days, and they would deport me to the US immediately afterward and thus I would neither have the time to present my torture claim to the United Nations, nor would I be able to go to a torture victim treatment center for assistance.  Furthermore, conditions in the detention center were poor: no exercise facilities, no private rooms and thus no privacy, not much food and no access to grocery stores, asylum-seekers are not even allowed to leave a certain part of the airport, and the windows at the facility did not open and thus no fresh air.

I asked to be allowed into Switzerland on the regular visa exemption given to anyone with an American passport instead of asylum, and they deported me the next day instead.  They told me that Switzerland and the US are together on everything, but the official reason for my deportation was that I need to have at least 100 Swiss Francs for each day that I planned to spend in that country on my person.  I said that I can show them the ATM receipt from my bank account to prove that I have enough money to pay my expenses if necessary, and they said that I need to have the actual cash on me (which would amount to thousands of Francs that I would have had to have procured in a foreign country before entering the airport, which is obviously ridiculous).

I asked if I could speak with an attorney and they said no, I asked if they could give me the forms in English because I do not speak German and they said no, I asked if I would be allowed the regular 7-30 days of transition time before being deported and they said no, and then I asked whether I could re-apply for asylum and they said no, thus they acted illegally in terms of their national laws as well as international law.

Per international law, I had a difficult time finding another country to accept me on a visitor visa after the Swiss deported me illegally, regardless of my US passport and regardless of the fact that I have no criminal record, but I was able to gain entrance to another country after spending three days in the airport.

Years have passed since I initially started reporting this and I am still actively pursuing assistance from law enforcement in the US and from other countries and organizations, but I still have most of the same problems, thus I need tangible assistance. A logical conclusion is that my parents were killed and permanently replaced by the two people who were at 9515 Beckford Ave., Northridge CA 91324 when I was tortured–if this is what happened and you can prove who those two people are and get them and the others involved sent to jail so that I will no longer have people surveilling me, breaking into my home, deleting my emails, and so forth, I will be happy to pay a cash reward.  A less probable possibility is that my parents were switched out with other people temporarily for the purposes of torturing me and the police are unwilling to help, which would amount to varied human rights violations–if you can prove who is responsible and have those people sent to jail, I can pay a cash reward as well.

Asylum/Torture Claim

The following is a copy of my asylum/torture claim–my first request for assistance was to the United Nations High Commission for Refugees in a foreign country, and I was granted asylum as a torture victim. 

I am not an attorney, but I was able to spend time researching many of the applicable laws and court cases.  If you are a targeted individual, feel free to cite any of this research if you may find it helpful.  Please note that the appendices referenced are not all currently on the site–I am continuing to add more pages and will post more documentation as it becomes available.

 Please accept this document as my petition for asylum.  My permanent address in the United States is 9515 Beckford Ave., Northridge, CA 91324-1707, my date of birth is September 14, 1978, and my background is mainly in nonprofit and government work.  My communication is directed against the United States of America; the object of my complaint is to request asylum under the United Nations Convention Against Torture (CAT) Articles 1, 3, 10, 12, 13, 14, and 16.  This report will also identify human rights violations based on the International Convention on Civil and Political Rights (CCPR) and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, violations of the United States’ constitutional laws and domestic statutes, and violations of California State law, as many of the activities pertaining to torture and ill treatment occurred in California.

This report is accurate to the best of my perceptions and memory, I have no motive to lie, and the following adds to my credibility: I completed a BA with a triple major and a 3.9 GPA at Pepperdine University and an MSc at St. Antony’s College, Oxford University; I have authored or co-authored several publications; I have written grants for government and nonprofit organizations that have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars; I passed every examination including the polygraph and background check with the United States Secret Service (USSS) to be admitted to the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC); the City and County of Los Angeles as well as America’s National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians deemed me capable of handling life and death situations as a lifeguard and EMT.  

Facts of the Claim


I started having major problems in 2005-2006 when I was a PhD student and teaching assistant at Georgetown University.  The problems included what I believe were sound effects that I heard in my home that began with sporadic knocking sounds at all hours and progressed to noises that included people screaming in the early hours of the morning when I was trying to sleep.  Thus, sleep deprivation was an issue, and varied environmental manipulation occurred.  These disturbances ceased through the summer months when I was no longer in Washington DC—I spent that summer working in Los Angeles and in the Czech Republic, however similar disturbances resumed when I returned to Washington DC in the fall.

In Spring 2007, I met a woman who said that her name was Elizabeth Baynard, and she and I dated for about two months—I later saw her or someone who looked very similar stalking me on several occasions.  In Fall 2007, I traveled to San Francisco, as I was admitted to law school at UC Hastings.  After my first week, I decided that Hastings was not the place for me, so I withdrew and left my law school ID card there—that ID card was found in front of the home where I was staying several weeks later in Sacramento, CA, thus someone wanted to make it clear that I was being followed. 

Stalking, Torture, Ill Treatment, and Other Illegal Activities

In winter-summer 2008, I was working for a think tank as a professional whistleblower/journalist reporting on government abuse, fraud, and waste (see appendix A for documentation; more of my publications can be viewed here: http://www.npri.org/scholars/louis-dezseran).  The unit next door to ours was supposedly vacant, but while in the office by myself I could hear what may have been more sound effects, and I was followed around and subjected to environmental manipulation such as street theater. Environmental manipulation is a form of psychological torture in that it is sensory disorientation,[1] defined as efforts to obliterate the familiar and replace it with the strange.[2]

After I published several articles and a short book in Las Vegas, I moved to Los Angeles in the late summer of 2008 for a job as market research manager with a company called Entertainment Partners; the gang stalking worsened.  Some of the people I had seen near my former worksite in Las Vegas were periodically near my new worksite in Los Angeles, and while my supervisor gave me positive employee reviews, I was subject to harassment in my workplace and other issues including the windshield on my car being broken.  After discussing these issues with my manager and human resources to no avail, I filed a complaint with America’s Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) against the company for harassment (a copy of the complaint can be provided if desired).  When the company offered me money to drop my complaint, I declined, as I filed the claim only in the interest of justice.

A few days after saying I would file an EEOC complaint, Entertainment Partners put me on unpaid leave, and harassing electronic messages from an anonymous source appeared—these messages made threats including the creation of car accidents, and my family’s car was hit on the freeway by the same car twice in a row (see appendix B for documentation).  In addition, on one day when I woke up, a printout of Alan Seeger’s poem, “I Have a Rendezvous With Death”, was on my kitchen table, thus someone must have entered my home while I was asleep, violating Article 12 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights,[3] Article 17 of the CCPR,[4] Cal Civ Code § 646.9,[5] Cal Penal Code § 422,[6] and Cal Penal Code § 602.[7]

In response to this perceived death threat, I put additional locks on my doors and I began sleeping with my bedroom door locked and barricaded.  I went back to lifeguarding for several months (I saw Ms. Baynard or someone who looked very similar more than once at my beach—this person called me by name but I ignored her), and I began the process to become a USSS Special Agent Trainee.  I passed the USSS written test, interview, polygraph, drug test, and background check, however after completing that process, I received an email from a USSS official stating that because I had filed a complaint with the EEOC against a former employer, I should withdraw from their application process (see appendix C for the email), which is illegal under 5 U.S.C. 2302(b)9.[8]  I contacted other USSS employees and received no definite answer as to my status for months, so as a whistleblower, I forwarded that email from the USSS to my congressional representative and requested assistance; the USSS admitted me to Criminal Investigator Training Program Class 037 at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC), beginning in April 2010.

Some of the people who had stalked me at my former workplaces were at the FLETC; even if these people were not those stalkers but actors that the FLETC had manufactured to look like those stalkers, then federal officials must have known what was occurring and decided not to enforce the law.  Varied harassment and psychological torture occurred at that training center, for example I woke up in the morning on more than one occasion feeling light-headed with my shorts undone and the blankets off of me, and I had severe diarrhea as though some kind of medication had been administered.[9]  (Please note that I do not drink alcohol or use controlled substances that would cause me to wake up in such a state, I always slept alone in my room with the door locked, I generally eat similar foods from day to day and I had no accompanying symptoms indicative of the flu or any other ailment, thus the administration of medication is a highly likely cause of the severe diarrhea.  If someone at the FLETC entered my room and administered medication, it would be pharmacological manipulation, which is psychological torture according to domestic law;[10] the totality of these actions would also violate the CCPR’s Article 17 in that they infringed on my privacy and home area; these activities also violate the CAT’s Articles 1 and 16 in that they intimidated and coerced me, they must have been done with at least the consent and acquiescence[11] of public officials given that no one is allowed at the FLETC without permission, and they were cruel, inhuman,[12] degrading, and caused severe mental suffering.[13] Also note that in Wieser v. Austria, an international court found “that the procedure of forcible undressing by the police may amount to such an invasive and potentially debasing measure that it should not be applied without a compelling reason.” El-Masri v. the Former Yugoslav Republiof Macedonia includes the following language: “any recourse to physical force which has not been made strictly necessary by the applicant’s own conduct diminishes human dignity and is in principle an infringement of the right set forth in Article 3 of the Convention.”  In Tyrer v. UK, an international court found that with regard to degrading treatment: “it may well suffice that the victim is humiliated in his own eyes, even if not in the eyes of others.”[14] Also note the following from The Prosecutor v. Jean-Paul Akayesu: “Sexual violence is not limited to physical invasion of the human body and may include acts which do not involve penetration or even physical contact… Sexual violence falls within the scope of “other inhumane acts”, set forth in Article 3(i) of the Tribunal’s Statute, “outrages upon personal dignity,” set forth in Article 4(e) of the Statute, and “serious bodily or mental harm,” set forth in Article 2(2)(b) of the Statute…”[15]). 

As I would walk around the FLETC on my next day of classes, other trainees would stare at me and make comments such as, “they said that we aren’t supposed to laugh at him”, or “they got him, they’re done now, it’s over”, however the same thing happened again, which is cultural and sexual humiliation, both of which are also forms of psychological torture. In response, I contacted a human resources official in the USSS Los Angeles Field Office as well as the USSS Ombudsman in Washington DC (documentation can be provided if desired)—neither offered tangible assistance, and both told me to continue in the training and follow all orders.  Two days before the end of the program, it sounded like there were voices outside my dorm room speaking about a planned attack on me, and in another instance I was in a public bathroom and it sounded like at least three people outside were talking about a similar attack (these are a few examples—I was targeted on many occasions), so given that the FLETC dorms are part of my workplace and this activity is illegal (whether it is by people at the FLETC or the result of sound effects) in any workplace in America, I reported what I heard to administrators, who terminated me from my job the next day despite the fact that I had earned high scores as a trainee.  (I was the first USSS trainee that year to earn a place on the FLETC fitness wall, I shot 290 out of 300 to qualify as an expert shooter, I averaged close to 90% on the academic exams, and my group passed every group examination with no need for remediation—I was in no danger of failing the FLETC course and thus I had no motive to lie.)  Also of note, on my flight back to Los Angeles I saw several of the people (or very similar likenesses) who had stalked me, and while at the airport, one man walked past me and said, “$39,000 each” and then walked away, suggesting graft.  Even if all of this was manufactured, making me feel physically threatened in my workplace is illegal and another example of psychological torture.[16]  These activities are also human rights violations according to the CCPR’s Article 25, as because to my knowledge I was the only employee at the FLETC subject to this activity, because I was terminated after making a whistleblower complaint, because the Office of Special Counsel (OSC) did not conduct a proper investigation, and because I was barred from even presenting my case before the Merit Standards Protection Board (MSPB), I was not given equal access to public service in contrast to the United States’ general proclamations to the United Nations.[17]  Also of note, I completed all but the final day and a half of training at the FLETC and while there were lectures on ethics and officer liability, there was not specific training with regard to torture, which violates the CAT’s Article 10, the CCPR’s Article 2,[18] and shows rampant disregard for the Committee Against Torture’s 2006 communication to the United States.[19] 

As a whistleblower, I appealed to other USSS officials and they were unwilling to assist (see appendix D for documentation); I contacted my congressional representative and senators and they wrote that they support civil rights but offered no further assistance; the MSPB would not hear my case; the OSC’s investigation was so poor that its official correspondence did not even recognize that I had been terminated from the USSS—they wrote that I had resigned despite my report to them stating that I was terminated and even included my termination letter (see appendix E for documentation); this violates the CAT’s Articles 12 and 13, which mandate that competent authorities perform a prompt and impartial investigation (while I did not state the word “torture” in my complaint, such is not necessary per Dhaou Belgacem Thabti v. Tunisia[20]), and violates the CCRP’s Articles 1 and 2, Section 2(a)-2(b), as I was not offered an effective remedy for my rights and freedoms that were violated by those acting in an official capacity, and this remedy was not determined by a competent administrative authority.  Furthermore, the OSC official who was supposed to complete the investigation never called me for a statement wherein I could have articulated this information, which is another policy violation, and while I did make a point of that in my response to the OSC’s initial communication (see appendix F) and I tried to call that official to make a statement, I still was never given that opportunity.  Furthermore, I requested that a more senior-level official at the OSC examine my complaint, but the same official sent me the OSC’s final correspondence closing my case.[21]  I later contacted private employment attorneys for assistance, and while several told me that the USSS had acted illegally, no government organization or private attorney was willing to help.

After being terminated by the USSS, while I was at my home in the Los Angeles area there were occasions where I would wake up with the same light-headed feeling that I remembered from the FLETC; [22] the floor of my bedroom had a brown substance on it resembling mud or feces, and I would again have diarrhea. The next time that I was in a public place, a random person who was walking by would say that “they” got me, that “it” is over, and that “they” are done with me.  However, on one morning I woke up light-headed with a cut between the cheeks of my derriere, a larger hole cut at the top, and pain in my testicles—there is no natural act I could have committed that would have produced that kind of injury without my knowledge, thus someone must have entered my home, utilized some method to alter my consciousness, and cut me—a clear act of torture under state, domestic, and international law as well as a human rights violation under the CCPR’s Articles 7 and 17.  Shortly after that, I was in a public place, and I was again told that “they” got me, that “they” are done with me, and that “it” is over.  For physical safety, I left America and traveled through other countries and I periodically saw people who looked like those who had stalked me at the FLETC and in other locations.  On one morning, I woke up with severe redness on my shins and part of my upper legs; because I had spent the previous day in my hotel room working on my computer, because I had no substances in my room that would cause such a condition, and because to my knowledge no one else in the hotel had similar injuries, it is more likely than not that this was an intentionally inflicted injury and thus another instance of torture.  Again, after this a random person in a public place said that “they” won, that “it” is over, and that “they” are done with me.

I flew to Los Angeles for a few days in Summer 2011 to complete my annual physical, run errands, get a few personal items, and attend to other matters.  Several people followed and harassed me everywhere that I went, whether I was on foot or driving—the cars that followed me looked similar to the cars that were used for training at the FLETC, and each time that I would park my car, even if it was at the back of an empty parking lot, they would park nearby and most would sit in their cars without leaving until I drove away.  One day, I regained consciousness in my home with slits in my ears, a cut on my lower lip, a hole that looked like a needle stick in a major vein on my left arm,[23] swelling accompanied by a strange feeling in my testicles, and a major cut on the side of my head—the side of my head remained swollen for weeks;[24] clearly, such injuries were the result of violent intruders.[25]  Later, three men who were stalking me made threats against my family.  (In the next several months, I had symptoms that included a lack of reading comprehension, a severe decrease in my memory, severely hampered decision making abilities, drooling, incontinence, fatigue, dizziness, problems maintaining a proper level of consciousness, flashes in my vision, blurred vision, ringing in my ears, dizziness, strange sleeping patterns, periodic paralysis, varied infections that have required antibiotics including epididymitis [documentation can be provided if desired; please note that a doctor told me that this ailment is mainly sexually transmitted, however I have not had intercourse in years and thus it is likely that I was intentionally infected with this and other ailments], edema, changes in general bodily functions such as more frequent hiccups and yawning, a periodic inability to control my facial expressions, sensations of or similar to electric shocks possibly through the use of nonlethal weapons, nightmares, depression, anxiety, a much higher rate of colds and flu-like symptoms than I have experienced in the past, and in physical examinations my blood pressure was measured almost twenty beats higher than usual systolic and almost ten beats higher than usual diastolic—many of these symptoms have subsided, however all of them are evidence of torture and human rights violations.) 

In addition, two people who looked somewhat like my mother and father were at my family’s home and they said that they were my mother and father, however they acted much differently and they were unable to answer basic questions such as where I went to kindergarten, yet they did sign documents to transfer about $70,000 in funds out of my bank accounts (documentation can be provided). I went to the Los Angeles Police Department’s Devonshire station to ask for help, but the officers said that they would not investigate, did not file a police report, and did not offer assistance other than to call me a liar in mocking manner and to tell me that if I do not feel safe in my home, I should sleep at a local park; this is difficult to hear from officers at the police station down the street from which I have played basketball since I was 7 years old (it is highly likely that my real parents were replaced by criminals and thus a prompt and impartial investigation was necessary, however no law enforcement organization was willing to investigate despite the fact that it would not take much effort to confirm those people’s identities via fingerprinting or some other such method, and probable cause existed). Further, stalking at this level and the concurrent actions against me and my family are human rights violations per the CCRP’s Article 17 Point 1, as they interfered with my privacy and family; the LAPD refusing to assist is a violation in that I was not offered the services available to co-nationals,[26] and is a human rights violation per the CCPR’s Article 17 Point 2, Article 23, Article 26, and a violation of the CAT’s Articles 12 and 13.[27]

For safety, I left the country.  I flew to Mexico City before flying to London with layovers in Dallas and Toronto.  I showed my passport to the employee at Immigration in Dallas and he gave me back my original passport with other items.  Later, I looked through these items and noticed that there was a second passport with a picture that looked somewhat like me but with a different name and other information (please note that the use of false documents is also psychological torture[28]); I believed it may have been an attempt to plant false evidence or attempted identity theft with assistance from government employees, so I contacted airport officials at the nearest telephone and stated that I had been given another passport in addition to mine.  I dropped that passport off at the proper office and boarded my plane; the employees who accepted that passport told me that it was a mistake, and once again a random person said that “they” got me, that “it” was over, and that “they” are done with me.  Other comments have included thanking me for signing “the paperwork”, however I have not been specifically told or shown what I allegedly signed.

I spent a few weeks in England and then traveled through other countries in an attempt to avoid the varied criminal activities, however similar activities continued including regaining consciousness with a brown substance that resembled mud or feces smeared on my face; periodically regaining consciousness with that substance smeared on the walls, bed sheets, and bathroom of the place where I was staying; regaining consciousness with my shorts undone and diarrhea similar to the events at the FLETC; regaining consciousness with the aforementioned severe redness on my legs on a few other occasions; feeling a sensation of electric shocks; and having a man in what looked like a police or security guard uniform cut my arm with a blade and yell, “Money!”  After many of these incidents, another person in a public place would walk by and say that “they” got me, that “they” won, and that “they” are done with me.  Obviously, if a group stalks me, creates incidents, makes videos of those incidents, or possibly manufactures videos that are entirely false, varied criminal activities are occurring,[29] and my life can look drastically distorted, however the causes for my report are the cumulative affects of torture and ill treatment, the aftermath of these activities, and the American government’s complicity, acquiescence, and occasional participation.

Request for Assistance

My request for assistance pertains to the CAT, the CCPR, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, findings by international courts, and academic research:

The following are torture and/or ill treatment:

  • Acts of violence: cuts between the cheeks of my derriere; acts creating severe redness on my legs; the slitting of my ears; acts causing pain in my testicles; cuts to my lip, the side of my head, and my arm;
  • Sensory disorientation: varied environmental manipulation;
  • Death threats[30] against me: breaking into my home and leaving the poem, “I Have a Rendezvous with Death” on my kitchen table;
  • Threats against my family;
  • The replacement of my parents with criminals;
  • Sexual and cultural humiliation: regaining consciousness at the FLETC and on subsequent occasions with my shorts undone, the blankets off of me, severe diarrhea, and ridicule the following day; being cut between the cheeks of my derriere;
  • Manipulation of my level of consciousness: I regained consciousness with cuts on my body on multiple occasions—when in my right mind, I would not let someone cut my body, then not remember it unless my level of consciousness was manipulated; it should be noted that there are drugs such as benzodiazepines, scopolamine, and flunitrazepam that can place a victim in a hypnotic state and produce amnesia[31]—if placed in a hypnotic state, a victim could look as though he is cooperating with actions with which no reasonable person would cooperate; no legitimate doctor would operate on someone for free without notice, without a medical consultation, and without giving that person records of the surgery; thus any prospective surgery would have been illegal,[32] thus torture occurred.  In addition, the following must be considered:
  • Some kind of pharmacological or other manipulation is highly likely to have been utilized to render the severe redness on my  legs;
  • Beration and degradation: using varied insults to humiliate me;
  • Use of falsified documents or reports: the additional passport given to me at the airport in Dallas was likely the intentional use of  false documentation;
  • Cultivation of anxiety and despair: telling me that these incidents are over only to have more incidents occur;
  • Induced desperation:[33] I contacted law enforcement and government organizations several times for assistance to no avail,  creating a sense of learned helplessness;
  • Psychological torture can create symptoms including delirium, psychosis, regression, cognitive impairment, disorientation, confusion, anxiety disorders, agitation, terror, despair, loneliness, depression, and loss of personality—those who experience psychological torture develop equally high levels of post-traumatic stress disorder as those who experience physical torture, and survivors rate the two kinds of stress equally; [34] I have suffered and/or continue to suffer from several symptoms, thus there are substantial long-term effects.

In addition, at least some torture and ill treatment was committed by or with government acquiescence and complicity:

  • Some of those who stalked me had access to the FLETC—permission is required to be on the premises, thus government officials were at least in complicity with and acquiesced to their activities (or if the stalkers were not there in person, FLETC officials knew enough to manufacture these people’s likenesses without rendering me assistance, proving acquiescence and complicity);
  • The following psychological torture activities occurred at the FLETC: sensory disorientation including environmental manipulation, sexual and cultural humiliation, manipulation of my level of consciousness, beration and degradation, cultivation of despair, and induced desperation; pharmacological manipulation is likely to have occurred at the FLETC;
  • According to the CAT’s General Comments, if state officials know that non-state officials are committing torture or ill treatment and state officials fail to prevent, investigate, prosecute, and punish these private actors, the state’s inaction is encouragement and/or de facto permission[35]—I reported these activities several times and I have not been given proof that state officials have made tangible efforts to prevent, properly investigate, prosecute, or punish anyone for these acts;
  • The CCPR states that “the positive obligations on States Parties to ensure Covenant rights will only be fully discharged if individuals are protected by the State, not just against violations of Covenant rights by its agents, but also against acts committed by private persons or entities that would impair the enjoyment of Covenant rights in so far as they are amenable to application between private persons or entities. There may be circumstances in which a failure to ensure Covenant rights as required by Article 2 would give rise to violations by States Parties of those rights, as a result of States Parties’ permitting or failing to take appropriate measures or to exercise due diligence to prevent, punish, investigate or redress the harm caused by such acts by private persons or entities”;[1] in my case, the state did not exercise due diligence;
  • At Immigration in Dallas, a government employee likely gave me a false passport by intention;
  • The CAT’s Article 3, Paragraph 2 states that when examining a torture claim, authorities should take into account any consistent pattern of gross, flagrant, or mass violations of human rights by the state in question; America does not maintain a comprehensive list of torture or ill treatment allegations or findings,[37] but the following are some egregious examples:
  • The United States allowed slavery for decades and slaves were tortured;[38]
  • At least 4,742 people were lynched in the United States from 1882-1968 and government employees at times contributed to the  practice; anti-lynching legislation was repeatedly defeated in Congress;[39]
  • American officials utilized torture during the Vietnam War and an estimated 46,000 extrajudicial executions occurred;[40]
  • American policy and support are said to have enabled the Khmer Rouge to commit torture and genocide;[41]
  • American officials trained, lent support to, and presided over torture in varied Latin American countries through the Cold  War;[42]
  • American law enforcement officials have tortured American citizens: Jon Burge tortured at least 135 Americans, some as young  as 13 years old, from 1972-1991—activities included beatings with telephone books, suffocation with typewriter covers, electric  shocks, handcuffing detainees and burning them, and utilizing mock executions;[43]
  • American military personnel, CIA officers, linguists, interrogators, and contractors paid by the American government at Abu Ghraib utilized torture that included pouring phosphoric liquid on the skin, forced nudity, extreme temperatures, beatings with chairs and broom sticks, denial of proper medical care, sodomy, sleep deprivation, starvation, and suffocation—senior  officials were aware of and did not prevent the torture;[44]
  • At Guantanamo Bay, military and CIA employees utilized torture techniques including extreme temperatures, forced nudity,  sustained isolation, sleep deprivation, and threats by military working dogs, the combination of which created life-threatening  conditions;[45]
  • The CIA has operated interrogation sites around the world where human rights officials have stated that varied forms of torture  occurred;[46]
  • While not all are torture victims, 4,456 refugees and 432 asylum seekers worldwide today originated from the United States of America;[47]
  • In addition to issues pertaining to torture, actions by or at least with the acquiescence and complicity of government employees  at the FLETC and possibly elsewhere amounted to psychological operations;[48] it is against US Department of Defense policy  for government employees to conduct psychological operations that mislead the audience, it is also a violation for government  employees to conduct psychological operations in the United States or to target American citizens with psychological operations;[49]



Responses to Possible Counterarguments

First, if it is to be argued that my claims are due to mental illness, it must be recognized that prior to my attendance at the FLETC, USSS background investigators interviewed and in most cases personally visited my former supervisors and several of my coworkers at the jobs that I have held; my former landlords and roommates at the places where I have lived; my teachers and classmates at the educational institutions that I have attended, and so forth; I also had to pass a polygraph and varied other examinations—the USSS conducts detailed background checks for potential employees.  If I had mental health issues before attending the FLETC, then these investigators would have identified that and I would not have been able to legally pass the federal government’s background investigation.  Furthermore, on my last day at the FLETC, two people interviewed me, one of whom I believe said she was a psychologist and the other of whom said she was a victim advocate, and they did not refer me to counseling or other health care, thus if the problem is mental illness, then it would have been their responsibility to rehabilitate me after my experiences at the FLETC per the CAT’s Article 14.  Thus, I am either sane and my perceptions of having been subject to torture and ill treatment in violation of the CAT’s Articles 1 and 16 are accurate, or I am insane and such insanity could not have been present before my attendance at the FLETC and thus the CAT’s Article 14 has been violated.  For documentation, please see the OSC’s response to my complaint about events that occurred at the FLETC in appendix D: the first two pages of that document have statements such as, “on two separate occasions you felt, despite solid proof, that you might be the target…”  This verbiage is paramount, as the OSC did not write, “you lied”; it did not write, “you were an actor”; thus the OSC acknowledged my interpretations but it did not refer me to rehabilitation—again, if the OSC, USSS, and FLETC’s opinion is that I became delusional and was seeing and hearing things as a result of the occurrences at that training center, then it would be their responsibility to refer me to a psychologist, psychiatrist, or other therapeutic professional, or to make health care possible for me to procure myself, however they also chose to quickly cancel my medical insurance.  In addition, please note that the OSC never detailed the “solid proof” against my assertions despite my asking for more information on that alleged proof in my response in appendix E (as well as in subsequent Freedom of Information Act [FOIA] requests),[54] which does not accord with varied findings in courts of international law mandating that the State cooperate and provide proper evidence.[55]

Second, if it was argued that I am only a victim of gang stalking, environmental manipulation, and sensory disorientation, it must be recognized that environmental manipulation of this frequency, duration, and intensity would be prolonged and calculated procedures to profoundly disrupt the personality and thus would meet the legal definition of psychological torture under 18 U.S.C. § 2340(2)(B).  In addition, I was subject to the alteration of my level of consciousness (psychological torture), likely pharmacological manipulation (psychological torture), beration and degradation (psychological torture), the likely intentional use of false documents (psychological torture), threats of physical violence against me including death threats (psychological torture), threats of physical violence against my family (psychological torture), the likely replacement of my parents with criminals (psychological torture), sexual and cultural humiliation (psychological torture), induced desperation (psychological torture), activities causing swelling and pain in my testicles (physical torture), the possible intentional creation of ailments such as epididymitis (physical torture), and actual physical violence such as cutting my skin (psychological torture, or physical torture depending on legal interpretation)— per Point 201 in the UNHCR Handbook which emphasizes cumulative effects,[56] and decisions by international courts,[57] these activities are torture and ill treatment given the following: (1) theycaused severe mental pain and suffering;[58] (2) they occurred intentionally; (3) they intimidated and coerced me; (4) because I was terminated from the FLETC the day after reporting these activities, my law enforcement career was dependant on allowing these activities to continue, rendering me powerless in my ability to end the torture and ill treatment; (5) the duration of these activities was extensive given that they continued over several years; (6) they have had a lasting impact on my personality; (7) they were highly degrading; (8) they must have occurred with the acquiescence and complicity if not the active participation of government officials.  If it was argued that I did not respond to these activities in the same way as other torture victims, research has found that people respond to torture in different ways[59]—if someone responds to torture by shrieking and crying, then that person is a torture victim; if a different person responds to the same torture activities by going into shock, then that person is a torture victim as well.  However, the American government has not enforced any laws, making an asylum claim appropriate.

Third, if it was argued that I unknowingly consented to any of these activities, it must be recognized that with regard to torture and/or ill treatment, my rights under California State Law, the US Constitution, and international law are non-derogable.  Further, the CCPR’s Article 17 pertaining to human rights as applied to the home, family, and privacy cannot be diminished either.  Even further, if there was some kind of form on file calling for me to be a victim of these crimes, then it must be recognized that all valid contracts must have a legal object and that many of these activities are illegal. Yet even further, many of the activities pertaining to torture and ill treatment occurred in California, where state law does not mandate proof that suffering occurred for an activity to be torture, however law enforcement has systemically chosen not to enforce these laws, making a CAT claim appropriate. Finally, if these activities are argued to be legal in America, then it is that country from which I need asylum.

Fourth, if it was argued that I was only being investigated, these acts have involved illegal activities.  To give examples, investigating could include getting a valid search warrant and looking through my home while I am away, following me to the places that I frequent and watching me, typing my name into an electronic search engine and viewing the available information, or interviewing the people with whom I interact.  However, following me to the places that I frequent and not just watching me but harassing me, using sound effects to alter my emotions, or entering my home while I am asleep and leaving things for me to view when I awaken would be stalking me (as well as other crimes), as such would cause terror in any reasonable person,[60] and would violate my right to privacy under the Fourth Amendment.  Furthermore, if videos were produced or some types of surveillance were utilized such as reading my emails, such would be a felony[61] as well as business fraud if a private investigator or anyone else receiving any kind of compensation for such videos is involved,[62] however these laws have not been enforced, making an asylum claim appropriate.

Fifth, if it was argued that I cannot prove the cause for this torture and ill treatment, this question requires a two-tiered answer that meets the CAT’s parameters[63]—the first tier would pertain to the immediate cause for a given act of torture and ill treatment, and the second tier would pertain to the overarching causes for all of the torture and ill treatment that has occurred over the years.  Each act of torture and ill treatment that occurred, for example, at the FLETC (namely acts of psychological torture such as hearing sound effects related to physical threats on multiple occasions and waking up with my shorts undone, the blankets off of me, having severe diarrhea the next day, and being subject to related ridicule) was meant for intimidation and coercion.  With regard to the second tier answer to the causation question, I cannot be entirely sure of the overarching purpose behind the totality of the acts of torture and ill treatment—as stated, when I was at the airport waiting for my flight from the FLETC back to Los Angeles on the day before I was told that I would be terminated as a USSS Special Agent Trainee, a man walked by me and said, “$39,000 each” and then walked away, insinuating graft and thus money would be a highly likely cause, however this man did not identify himself as someone who was affiliated with the company against which I filed an EEOC claim, as someone whose financial or other interests may have been damaged by my publications as a professional whistleblower, as someone who may have been paid by the woman who claimed to be Ms. Baynard, as someone who had an interest in harming other members of my family, and so forth.  Given the American government’s lack of law enforcement despite my requests, an asylum claim is appropriate. 

Sixth, if it was argued that my problem is with one person or a small group of people and thus I only need a restraining order, given the lack of law enforcement and associated acquiescence and complicity to torture and ill treatment, the solution cannot be limited to a restraining order given that a restraining order that the police would likely not enforce would be as ineffective as my government’s torture and other statutes that the police have not enforced.  Further, my problems deal with repeated torture and ill treatment, some of which occurred at the FLETC and were likely at the hands of federal employees—I cannot get a blanket restraining order against so many people, thus an asylum claim is appropriate.

Seventh, if it was argued that this report is unbelievable, I found it unbelievable when a USSS human resources official sent me an email telling me that I should drop out of their application process because I filed an EEOC claim against a former employer, but please see appendix C for documentation.  I found it unbelievable when the OSC sent me an official correspondence making it clear that they did not know that I was terminated in response to my whistleblower complaint, but please see appendices E and F for documentation.  I found it unbelievable when I was subject to violence and no law enforcement or other organization offered assistance, but this occurred.  I found it unbelievable when 13 USSS employees among others were implicated in hiring 20 prostitutes in Columbia and caused an international scandal; when two DEA agents used agency blackberries to facilitate and later destroy evidence of an encounter between a USSS agent and a prostitute;[64] when a USSS Officer assigned to Vice President Biden’s residence was arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl in his custody;[65] when a senior USSS Agent who kept his extramarital affair with a Mexican woman secret from the agency committed suicide during an investigation of his behavior;[66] when the USSS let imposters who wanted to be on a reality show into a White House state dinner;[67] when a USSS employee mistakenly left his gun in an airplane’s lavatory;[68] when a USSS Officer was arrested for passing out due to drunkenness on a Miami street corner;[69] and when a USSS employee engaged in a bar fight against members of the US military assigned to the same security detail.[70]  I found it unbelievable when an Associated Press FOIA request unveiled a complaint by a female USSS employee that she was sexually assaulted by a male USSS employee; when that FOIA revealed complaints that USSS agents were publishing pornography, leaking sensitive information, utilizing illegal wiretaps, and when a USSS employee was implicated in an FBI investigation of a prostitution ring.[71]  I also found it unbelievable when a USSS employee allegedly solicited a prostitute who turned out to be an undercover law enforcement officer (the USSS perpetrator was driving a marked agency vehicle at the time); and when a FOIA revealed complaints of USSS employees burglarizing a home while carrying a firearm, discharging a firearm during an argument with an unnamed person,[72] embezzling public money,[73] and wandering nude around an apartment complex on videotape on two occasions,[74]however each issue is documented by credible mainstream news sources.  In fact, USSS employee’s behavior has been such that the agency recently developed policies mandating that chaperones from the Office of Professional Responsibility accompany them on many trips to enforce on and off-duty conduct rules.[75]  Furthermore and directly related to the believability issue, it has been argued[76] and found[77]that when torture allegations occur, the burden of proof is on the State and it is the State’s responsibility to provide evidence, however despite formal complaints, cases filed, and FOIA requests submitted, I have not been given proof from the State that any of my assertions are false, but rather my assertions have been ignored or ridiculed, making an asylum claim appropriate.

Eighth, if it was argued that my risk of being tortured is not personal and present, I have not been notified that any arrests have been made per V.L. v. Switzerland[78] or the CCPR guidelines,[79] leaving substantial doubt that the authorities would take the necessary measures to fully protect me from future harm.  I have received varied threats including death threats in the past, and there is no proof that such threats are now void.  Per A.A.C. v. Sweden, torture and ill treatment activities occurred recently,[80] and because they occurred the last two times that I was in America, and because that country has made few pertinent reforms to its policing policies or agencies (other than the USSS’ new chaperone policy) since these activities occurred, there is no reason to believe that the state complicity with, acquiescence to, and possible occasional participation in torture and ill treatment will permanently cease.  In fact, there is only reason to believe that American law enforcement’s behavior has become worse rather than better recently.

Steps Taken to Exhaust Domestic Remedies

The domestic remedies that I have attempted have been unsuccessful:

  • I requested help from FLETC officials: they did not assist and fired me from my job;
  • I requested help while at the FLETC from the USSS Ombudsman and from a USSS human resources official at the Los Angeles field office to no avail;
  • I later requested assistance from higher-level USSS officials and they did not assist;
  • I contacted the EEOC regarding the activities at Entertainment Partners but the EEOC was ineffective and would not give me information on their investigation;
  • I contacted my senators regarding varied illegal activities, and each sent me a letter stating that they support civil rights, but they did not assist;
  • I contacted my congressional member regarding varied illegal activities, and his office offered no tangible assistance;
  • I requested assistance from the MSPB and they would not allow me to present my case;
  • I contacted the watchdog OSC, which ignored some of my complaints and told me that at least some violations occurred, but they would not take any substantive action;
  • I contacted the Congressional Committee on Oversight and Government Reform regarding some of the occurrences at the FLETC, and they did not return my messages;
  • I visited an LAPD station and they ridiculed me and refused to file a police report;
  • I filed several FOIA requests to garner information and in some cases I filed FOIA appeals but was not given much helpful information, denying my right to the truth;[81] I communicated with the Office of Government Information Systems (OGIS) about the lack of information provided regarding my FOIA requests, and while they opened cases and they stated that government agencies broke FOIA policies, OGIS is statutorily unable to take any action other than mediation;
  • I sent an abridged version of this report by email to the Los Angeles FBI Office and I received no reply; I went in person to the US Consulate in Hong Kong to give a copy of my report to the FBI officials there, however the consulate’s security officer met me at the entrance to the building and said he would deliver the report to the FBI officials but he would not allow me to speak with them or enter that part of the Consulate (which is an issue with access to competent authorities per the CAT’s Article 13); I sent my report to the FBI’s Washington DC Office by email, however their reply was that they would not let me know whether they would open a case (see appendix G); this is egregious given that the CAT’s Articles 12 and 13 mandate a prompt and impartial investigation; per the CAT’s Article 22, I have not contacted other government organizations given that they would be unlikely to provide effective relief in a timely manner.




An opinionated editorial by Jimmy Carter, former American President and winner of the 2002 Nobel Peace Prize, stated the following: “The United States is abandoning its role as the global champion of human rights… As a result, our country can no longer speak with moral authority on these critical issues.”  President Carter wrote that the United States of America’s policies “are now violating at least 10 of the [Universal Declaration of Human Rights’] 30 articles, including the ‘prohibition against cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment or punishment.’”  Using language that directly addresses civil liberties and civil rights in the United States, President Carter wrote that American “law violates the right to freedom of expression and to be presumed innocent until proven guilty.”[82]  I have been subject to many of the human rights violations about which President Carter wrote, and the following summarizes my complaints:

  • CAT Article 1: Several acts of torture occurred; the government did not assist me and thus there was at least acquiescence and complicity;
  • CAT Article 3: If refouled, there are substantial grounds for believing that I would be in danger of being subjected to furtherpsychgical and pssibly physical torture given that n arrests have been made and few pertinent reforms to policing policies haveccurred;
  • CAT Article 10: Per the Committee Against Torture’s official communication to the United States and my personal experience at the FLETC, the American government did not render instruction on the prohibition against torture to its law enforcement officers, nor did it render instruction on how to identify and/or report signs of torture and cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment;
  • CAT Article 12: I reported my torture claims to varied American government entities several times and they have not confirmed a prompt and impartial investigation (see appendix G);
  • CAT Article 13: In not properly responding to my torture claim, I have been denied the right to properly complain to the investigating authorities.  In addition, to my knowledge no steps were taken to protect me against all ill treatment or intimidation after my complaints were made;
  • CAT Article 14: If my perception are due to mental illness, I could not have had such issues and legally attended the FLETC.  Thus, either I am sane and my perceptions are accurate regarding violations of the CAT’s Articles 1 and 16, or I am insane and Article 14 has been violated because the State chose not to rehabilitate me after occurrences there and cancelled my medical insurance;
  • CAT Article 16: The same arguments above regarding torture also apply to ill treatment.  

For several years I have been subject to cruel, unusual, and degrading torture and ill treatment that has included physical injuries and severe mental trauma, however my government has allowed and in some cases facilitated a systematic denial of justice. I have no motive to lie whereas those who tortured me have every reason to do so, and I have been personally targeted to such a degree and my requests for justice and rehabilitation from varied domestic organizations have been ignored such that an asylum request remains necessary.  Please assist me.

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[13] This also violates the CCPR’s General Comment No. 20, Point 2, which states, “The aim of the provisions of article 7 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights is to protect both the dignity and the physical and mental integrity of the individual”; in addition, Point 5 states, “The prohibition in article 7 relates not only to acts that cause physical pain but also to acts that cause mental suffering to the victim.”

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Illegal Activity by the USSS

The following email proves illegal activity on the part of the US Secret Service, and my subsequent whistleblowing.  I intentionally blanked out the sender’s name for this site, but I both called the US Secret Service myself to verify the email’s authenticity, and I looked up the originating IP address.  Several employment attorneys told me that this communication is outrageously illegal.


From: ——- ——- (LAX) <——-.——-@usss.dhs.gov>

To: ———–@yahoo.com

Sent: Tue, October 13, 2009 6:06:54 PM

Subject: U.S. Secret Service Application 


I received a response from the person who handles all SA backgrounds. 

She has advised me that based on your email to me regarding the status of your EEOC complaint; it would be in your best interest to voluntarily withdraw from the application process at this time.  It would not be possible to hold your background process open until your EEOC complaint is resolved.  Once you have received a final disposition, you would be eligible to reapply at that time. 


If you will be withdrawing from the process, please send me a letter requesting that you be discontinued from the process at this time. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to call.


——- ——-

Recruitment Support Specialist

Los Angeles Field Office

United States Secret Service

Tel: 213/533-4454

Fax: 213/533-4725



The following is my response to that illegal communication. 


From: ———–<———–@yahoo.com>

To: ——- ——- (LAX) <——-.——-@usss.dhs.gov>

Sent: Wed, October 14, 2009 11:29:18 AM

Subject: Re: U.S. Secret Service Application 

I wanted to follow up on our conversation from yesterday to see whether any new information is available, and to clear up what may be a few misunderstandings.

First, my EEOC claim seems to have been categorized as pending litigation, but at this point it is nothing more than a complaint–I have not filed any lawsuits, I have not hired an attorney, and so forth.  Further, I made the complaint against my former company in an entirely different industry and to my knowledge, there are no counter-allegations against me whatsoever.  [On a similar note, I recently saw a street sign in the City of Los Angeles that was in error, so I wrote a complaint to the City asking that the sign be fixed and received a letter back stating that my complaint has value and that the city will investigate the issue–filing any complaint with the government and asking it to investigate does not seem to be proper grounds to ask anyone to drop out of any application process for any job.]

Second, the company against which I made my EEOC complaint agreed to mediation several months ago wherein it was likely that I would have been offered a cash settlement and the EEOC’s process would have been completed.  I restated what I had said from the beginning, that I am not interested in money in settling this issue, but that I was told that varied former employees at the company had resigned after experiencing problems similar to those that I experienced but that none of them had the courage to contact the EEOC; for the sake of the company’s current and future employees, the EEOC needs to be aware of these issues, and if anything, the Secret Service should respect that I am pursuing justice rather than shutting me down for it.

Third, it was said that my background investigation cannot begin until this matter is settled, but my background investigation began months ago–I had a background investigator drive me to my current jobs to speak with my managers and coworkers, and I have had agents from varied states in which I have lived contact me to confirm my former employers, addresses, and so forth.  In fact, I was told that my background information was due in early to mid September, so an inability to begin my background investigation based on an EEOC complaint should not be an issue, as my background investigation began months ago.  

Fourth, in my initial interview after passing the TEA I told the interviewers that I had a pending EEOC complaint and I was told that it should not present a problem.  I was asked for details on my complaint in my panel interview and during my background investigation, and once again I was told multiple times by multiple people that my EEOC complaint would not be a problem.  I am confused as to why there is a sudden 180 degree change after I passed several tests, physicals, interviews, polygraphs, and so forth.  

Thank you again for your time and correspondence, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Proof of Watchdog Corruption or Incompetence

This is the correspondence that I received from the OSC with regard to my acting as a whistleblower and reporting the activities that occurred at the FLETC—please also refer to my reply later. 

Please note that this letter is evidence for my claim that the investigation was so poor that the communication incorrectly states that I resigned from my job when in fact I was terminated.  (I sent them my termination letter with my report and a major aspect of my complaint was wrongful termination.)

In addition, if the rest of the information in this communication is deemed to be correct, then it would only bolster my negligence claim, as the investigator writes (I believe incorrectly) that while at the FLETC I became delusional and that I began hearing voices—I certainly could not be admitted to the FLETC in the first place if my USSS background investigation showed that I had a mental illness beforehand; if the federal government’s argument is that I developed a mental illness at the FLETC due to the psychological torture and ill treatment that occurred there, then the law has been violated given that no government official referred me to counseling or any other kind of medical care for full rehabilitation. 


1730 M. Street, N.W., Suite 218

Washington D.C. 20036-4505



July 12, 2011


9515 Beckford Ave.

Northridge, California 91324

                  Re: OSC File No. MA-11-1394

Dear Mr. ________:

                  This letter is in response to the complaint that you recently filed with the U.S. Office of Special Counsel (OSC).  In your compliant, you allege that you have been terminated during your probationary period by officials at the Department of Homeland Security, Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, Georgia in retaliation for whistleblowing. 

                  The Office of Special Counsel is authorized to investigate allegations of prohibited personnel practices and certain activities prohibited by civil service law, rule, or regulation.  5 U.S.C. 1214(a)(1)(A), 1216(a) and 2302(b).  The Special Counsel presents allegations of prohibited personnel practices to the Merit Systems Protection Board (the Board), which has the authority to hear and adjudicate such matters.  After review of the information you provided, however, we have made a preliminary determination to close the file in this matter.

                  In support of your allegations, you explained that on August 14, 2010, you received a letter terminating your appointment as a Special Agent Trainee (SAT) with the United States Secret Service (USSS) for an unexcused absence, specifically, failure to appear to complete your mandatory final examination.  It is your allegation that you are being retaliated against for your disclosures regarding hazing at the facility.  You have indicated that on two separate occasions you felt, despite solid proof, that you might be the target of possible hazing.  On the second to the last day of training, you reported this matter to FLETC Administrators, as well as, to USSS officials in Los Angeles as you feared for your personal safety.  You were informed that you would be recycled into the next class and given the opportunity to complete your final two days of training a few weeks later.  Because of this promise by FLETC personnel, you agreed to fly home; however, the following day you were told that you must either resign as an SAT with the USSS or be terminated.  You alleged that your termination, for an unexcused absence, was initiated on the same day that you reported the hazing matter to administrators at your home field office (Los Angeles) and to FLETC Administrators.

                  Pursuant to 5 U.S.C. 2302 (b)(8), it is a prohibited personnel practice to take, fail to take, or threaten to take or fail to take, a personnel action against an employee for disclosing information which the employee reasonably believes evidences: (1) a violation of law, rule, or regulation; (2) gross mismanagement; (3) a gross waste of funds; (4) an abuse of authority; or (5) a substantial and specific danger to public health or safety, if such disclosure is not specifically prohibited by law, or specifically required by Executive Order to be kept secret.

                  The elements necessary to establish a violation of 5 U.S.C. 2302(b)(8) are: (1) a protected disclosure of information; (2) a personnel action was taken, not taken, or threatened; (3) the official who took, failed to take, or threatened the personnel action knew about the protected disclosure; and (4) the disclosure was a contributing factor in the decision by the official to take, fail to take, or threatened the personnel action.

                  The law prohibiting reprisal under Section (b)(8) requires proof that a person with personnel action authority took, failed to take, or threatened to take or fail to take, one of the following personnel actions, as defined by 5 U.S.C. 2302 (a)(2)(A), because of a protected disclosure: an appointment; a promotion; an action under 5 U.S.C. Chapter 75 or other disciplinary or corrective action; a detail, transfer, or reassignment; a reinstatement; a restoration; a reemployment; a decision about pay, benefits, or awards; a performance evaluation under 5 U.S.C. Chapter 43; a decision to order psychiatric testing or examination; or any other significant change in duties, responsibilities, or working conditions.

                  As indicated above, one of the requirements for establishing reprisal for whistleblowing is a protected disclosure of information.  Your disclosure that you thought you might be the target of hazing is not protected under 5 U.S.C. 2302(b)(8).  The information submitted indicates that on two different occasions, you heard voices outside of a common area bathroom in your dorm and again inside your dorm room, whereby unknown individuals were trying to get you to enter the hallway, you believe, to attack you.  Based upon this information it is unlikely that the Merit System Protection Board would find that you had a reasonable basis to believe that your disclosure evidences any of the conditions set forth under the Whistleblower Protection Act.  Consequently, we have no basis for further inquiry into your allegations as a possible violation of 5 U.S.C. 2302(b)(8).

                  Next, we have analyzed your complaint as a possible violation of 5 U.S.C. 2302(b)(4).  Under this section it is a prohibited personnel practice to deceive or willfully obstruct any person with respect to such person’s right to compete for employment.  Your complaint was also analyzed as a possible violation of 5 U.S.C. 2302(b)(5).  This section prohibits an official with personnel action authority from influencing any person to withdraw from competition for any position for the purpose of improving or injuring any other person’s employment prospects.

                  While you have alleged violations of 5 U.S.C. 2302 (b)(4), the statute provides that if an employee is given an opportunity to apply for a position and if an individual with personnel authority has not engaged in any improper actions for the purpose of intentionally impeding the application’s chances of being considered or selected for the position, then no violation of Section 2302(b)(4) has occurred.  The cases in which the Board established this requirement include Special Counsel v. Hoban, 24 MSPR 154 (1984) and Special Counsel v. Ross, 34 MSPR 197 (1987).

As stated above, the official must engage in improper actions with the intent to impede the applicant’s chances of selection.  The available information indicates that you applied for the SAT position, were selected, and attended the FLETC on behalf of the USSS.  The fact that you were terminated during your probationary period does not constitute an obstruction of your right to compete.  Consequently, we have no basis for further inquiry into your complaint as a possible violation of Section 2302(b)(4). 

With regard to Section 2302 (b)(5), you have not shown that an agency official influenced you to withdraw from competition for the purpose of improving or injuring the prospects of another.  The Board has determined that in order for a violation of Section 2302(b)(5) to occur, the following elements must be proven by a preponderance of the evidence; (1) a showing that an employee influenced or attempted to influence a person to withdraw from competition, and (2) a showing that the influence was exerted to improve or injure the employment prospects of another person.  Filiberti v. MSPB, 804 F.2d 1504, 1509 (9th Cir. 1986);Special Counsel v. Brown, 61 M.S.P.R. 559 565 (1994).  Typically, 5 U.S.C. 2302(b)(5) violations are found where a hiring official pressures a candidate who possesses a statutory preference (such as veteran’s status) to withdraw from competition because civil service rules would require the hiring official to hire the statutorily preferred candidate instead of another.  See, e.g., Brown, 61 M.S.P.R. at 565. 

In all of these instances, it is essential that there be evidence of ‘purposefulness’ that the influence was improperly exercised for the specific purpose of improving or injuring the prospects of any other person for employment in that position.  Thus, the statute does not bar an employee from counseling an applicant to withdraw from competition for legitimate reasons, for example, because the applicant is not highly qualified or a better position is available.  While you have alleged that agency officials attempted to get you to withdraw you (sic) application because you had filed and Equal Employment Opportunity complaint against a former employer, you have not provided sufficient information for us to conclude that an agency official attempted to influence you to withdraw your application in an attempt to injure your employment prospects or improve the employment prospects of another candidate.  Consequently, absent additional information, we have no basis for further inquiry into your complaint as a possible violation of 5 U.S.C. 2302(b)(5). 

Based on the allegations asserted, we also reviewed your complaint for a possible violation of 5 U.S.C. 2302 (b)(9).  Under this statute, it is a prohibited personnel practice to take or fail to take, or threaten to take or fail to take, a personnel action against any employee because of the exercise of an appeal, complaint or grievance right granted by any law, rule or regulation.  Unfortunately, we are unable to make a legal determination in your favor.  You indicated that agency officials felt that they could not hire you as a (sic) SAT due to your previous EEO complaint with a non-Federal organization.  This activity is protected under 5 U.S.C. 2302 (b)(9), however, as noted in OSC’s regulation at 5 C.F.R. 1810.1, it was not intended that this Office duplicate or bypass the procedures established in the agencies and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission for resolving discrimination complaints and allegations of reprisal for filing discrimination complaints.  Therefore, it is the general policy of the Special Counsel not to take action on such allegations of discrimination and reprisal as they are more appropriately resolved through the EEO process.  In light of the information you have provided, we find no reason to depart from our policy in this matter.  Thus, we will take no further action concerning these allegations. 

Finally, we examined your probationary termination as a possible violation of 5 U.S.C. 2302(b)(12).  Pursuant to this statute, it is prohibited for an official with personnel action authority to take or fail to take any personnel action if taking or failing to take such action violates any law, rule, or regulation that implements, or directly concerns, the merit system principles defined in 5 U.S.C. 2301.  In this instance, you alleged that the agency coerced you into resigning from FLETC in lieu of termination.  Coercing an employee to resign would constitute a possible violation of 5 U.S.C. 2302(b)(12).  Generally, however, an employee-initiated action, such as a resignation or retirement, is presumed to be voluntary unless the employee can show that the totality of the circumstances support a conclusion that the employee was effectively deprived of free choice in the matter or that the action was obtained through duress or coercion or shows that a reasonable person would have been misled by the agency.  Covington v. Department of Health and Human Services, 750 F.2d 937, 941-2 (Fed. Cir. 1984).  There are three elements common to cases where duress has been found to exist: (1) one side involuntarily accepted the terms of another; (2) the circumstances permitted no other alternative; and (3) said circumstances were the result of coercive act (sic) of the opposing party.  Heining v. General Services Administration, 68 M.S.P.R. 513 (1995).  While you believe that you had no choice but to resign in lieu of termination, we found no facts indicating that your resignation was coerced.

Finally, you allege that agency officials failed to timely respond to your request for information under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).  Although, (sic) OSC is authorized to investigate allegations of arbitrary and capricious withholding of information under FOIA, OSC requires final agency action on a FOIA request and appeal, or a court decision finding improper withholding of information available under the FOIA.  Since the agency has complied with your request, although not within the timeframe in which you expected, there is no corrective action for this Office to take.  Consequently, we will take no further action on this part of your complaint. 

As previously stated, we have made a preliminary determination to close our concerning (sic) our determination.  Your response must be in writing and should address the reasons we cited in reaching our preliminary determination to close your complaint.  You have thirteen days from the date of this letter to submit your written response.  If we do not receive any written comments by the end of the thirteen day period, we anticipate closing the file.  We will then send you a letter terminating the investigation and advising you of any additional rights you may have.


Lonnie Davis

Complaints Examiner

Complaints Examining Unit

This is my reply to the OSC’s official correspondence, pointing out, as a whistleblower, the varied mistakes that they made with regard to facts of paramount importance—please note that I did request that a more senior-level investigator examine my file, however the same investigator sent me a letter soon thereafter closing my case. Furthermore, the investigator did not give me the opportunity to articulate any additional information through a verbal statement despite my repeated requests.

9515 Beckford Ave.

Northridge CA 91324-1707


July 22, 2011


U.S. Office of Special Counsel

1730 M St. NW

Washington DC 20036-4505

                  Re: OSC File No. MA-11-1394

Dear Sir or Madam:

Thank you for the letter dated July 12, 2011 regarding OSC File No. MA-11-1394.  Please accept this letter as my response to your correspondence within the 13-day period stated in the last paragraph of your letter.  I humbly request that this case not be closed and that a higher-level official within the U.S. Office of Special Counsel (OSC) review my case and help me for the following reasons. 

First, the analysis in the letter that I received from the OSC contained factual errors.  To give one example, in the second paragraph on page 4 it is stated that I am contending that I was coerced into resigning from the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) in lieu of termination—this is a factual error given the fact that I did not resign from the FLETC, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the United States Secret Service (USSS), or any other federal organization in any way, shape, or form.  When I reported wrongdoing at the FLETC on July 17, 2010, I was ordered to fly to Los Angeles and told that I would be able to complete the final two days of my training with the next class a few weeks later; I followed these orders given by USSS officials and the following day I was told that I must resign or I would be terminated.  I explained to my supervisors the reasons why I deserve a fair opportunity to complete my training, and on August 14, 2010 I received a letter from the USSS stating that I was terminated—there was never any resignation on my part contrary to what was stated in the letter that I received from the OSC.

Second, the letter that I received from the OSC did not address the totality of my complaints.  For instance, in the first full paragraph on page 3 of my original complaint to the OSC, I stated that some of my personal items that I was not allowed to retrieve from my dorm room at the FLETC upon my ordered departure on July 17, 2010 were not shipped to me as promised.  I made several inquiries to varied USSS officials (copies of several emails can be provided upon request) about the return of my personal items and I was told that they would not be sent to me.  Obviously, stealing my personal items is a violation, and I request that the OSC assist me in this issue in addition to the others. 

Third, I would like to revisit the issue regarding the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) regarding two points.  First of all, the final paragraph on page 4 of the letter from the OSC stated that my FOIA was answered outside of the timeframe that I expected, however the USSS statute for receiving a hard copy response to a FOIA is set at 30 days—my perfected FOIA was received by the USSS on October 5, 2010, and I did not receive an initial response until November 23, 2010, thus this is an issue not just of the FOIA not meeting my personal expectations, it is a violation.  It should be further noted that I had to begin mediation with the Office of Government Information Services, which also informed me that the DHS had committed a FOIA violation, before receiving a reply from the DHS.  Second, the letter from the OSC stated that the DHS did comply with my request, however their final response to my FOIA on January 5, 2011 as found on page 14 of my original complaint was that they had intentionally destroyed pertinent records regarding my time as a Special Agent Trainee, thus I take issue with the contention that they complied with my request.  Transparency is vital to a properly run government, thus provisions under the FOIA should be vigorously enforced by watchdog agencies within the government such as the OSC. 

Fourth, the letter from the OSC makes unsubstantiated claims.  For example, it is stated that I felt, “despite solid proof”, that I was the possible target of hazing.  No “solid proof” has ever been presented to me that I was not the target of hazing; I was only told that the officials at the FLETC would not investigate my report of hearing people in the FLETC dorms planning illegal activities.  If there is “solid proof” that this never occurred during my time at the FLETC, I would like to know the content of that “solid proof” specifically.  To reiterate, I had some of the highest scores in terms of physical fitness, shooting, and academics in my class and in some areas of any class all year—I was in no danger of failing the Criminal Investigator Training Program at FLETC and no motive to make up a false story. 

Fifth, I would like to revisit the section regarding the OSC’s policy of not investigating EEO complaints per 5 C.F.R. 1810.1; this law states that the OSC will normally avoid duplicating those procedures, however the law does not prohibit the OSC from helping a person in regard to EEO issues, and given the other violations present in my case that fall under the purview of the OSC rather than the EEOC, this complaint was filed with the OSC.  The OSC has a broad mandate to ensure equity for federal employees—I presented documentation that a legal violation did occur in the USSS’ attempt to coerce me to withdraw from their application process.  Given that 5 U.S.C. Sec. 1214 gives the OSC the right to determine whether a prohibited personnel practice has occurred, and given that the email from the USSS that I submitted on page 6 of my original complaint to the OSC specifically states that I should withdraw from the USSS application process because I engaged in protected activity by filing an EEOC complaint against a former employer in a different industry, there is clear and blatant evidence that a prohibited personnel activity did occur through willfully obstructing me with respect to my right to compete for employment per 5 U.S.C. 2302(b)(4).  Further, in the final paragraph on page 4 of the letter from the OSC, it is stated that I have not provided sufficient information for the OSC to conclude that an agency official attempted to influence me to withdraw my application in an attempt to injure my employment prospects—I provided an email from a USSS employee telling me that I should withdraw from the application process because I filed an EEOC case against a former employer—this is very clear evidence.  Even further, I committed no violations, legal or otherwise, throughout my time as an SAT at the FLETC, and thus terminating me just because I followed orders given by USSS officials to fly to Los Angeles, then retroactively calling the day that I spent flying to Los Angeles an “unexcused absence” and using it as an excuse to terminate me obviously impedes my chances of selection to continue on in training as an SAT.  

Sixth, the letter that I received from the OSC had no discussion or analysis of 5 U.S.C. 2302(b)(8), which pertains to an agency taking a personnel action against any employee or applicant which the employee or applicant reasonably believes evidences a violation of any law, rule, or regulation—hearing people in the hallway at the FLETC planning illegal activity gave me a reasonable belief that a violation may occur—reporting such to administrators should not result in my termination.

Seventh, I have an issue with the process by which the OSC handled my complaint.  I originally filed with the side of the OSC that handles complaints regarding general claims against the federal government—a very competent and professional official called me, had several questions, and told me that while she believes that I have a claim on multiple grounds, I should send my claim to the side of the OSC that handles specific claims for personal grievances.  I sent my complaint to that side and was told that another official would handle the investigation but that the process would begin anew with another statement being necessary.  I answered that I would be happy to provide another statement, but no one contacted me for a statement or any clarification of any of these issues and thus a letter was sent to me to preliminarily close my case without my being given an opportunity to make a statement. 

Once again, thank you for your correspondence regarding OSC File No. MA-11-1394.  Because the US Office of Special Counsel is meant to ensure that all federal employees are treated legally and equitably, and because I am absolutely certain that inequitable treatment was rendered through the course of my application process and my time as an SAT with the USSS, I humbly request that this case not be closed and that a higher level official review my complaint and help me by rendering the corrective action that is appropriate for this matter.